Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

warren westgate - 1972 (covell)

Westgate wryly noted, “In view of my image:  crusty, closed-minded, sometimes a public nuisance, obstreperous, and a Gray Panther, I have a feeling that the committee just felt the need to preserve an endangered species.”

His activities:

—Senior citizens:  longtime advocate and leader in obtaining programs and facilities for seniors, who now have a Center and Senior Citizens Commission representing seniors before the City Council

—Yolo County Grand Jury

—Fought for special housing for the elderly, low income and fixed income people

—Peace activist:  for six years he has stood in the G St. Plaza, often alone, in the weekly vigil praying for peace

—Talented photographer and artist:  he avails his works free of charge to local newspapers, exhibits in the Senior Center and elsewhere. Works for “visual awareness” programs for seniors and others.  His photo gallery at 412 G St. is dedicated to introducing the works of young photographers


Councilman Holdstock presented the award (on behalf of Mayor Maynard Skinner) before 10,000 people at Community Park July 4, 1973.