Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

ted puntillo - 2000 (covell)

Puntillo gives his all to everything he does. He is a tireless volunteer and a dependable resource in emergencies, giving him a reputation as a hard worker who keeps his wits about him, but is appropriately aggressive, as when he helps the following:

—Meals on Wheels:  Coordinator and volunteer many years

—Davis Volunteer Firefighters:  member since 1994

—Annual Community-wide Garage Sale: he conceived the idea, talked Rotary into doing it, and conducted it at DWR the last two Aprils, raising over $13,000

—Dinner at the Dump : puts together volunteer crews

—Board, Davis Volleyball Association at DHS

—Toad Hollow:  he and his father assembled the village

—Rotary since 1986:  has served on virtually every committee and the boar, was president last year

—1999 Rotary Member of the Year

—Rotary Barbeque:  very involved every year

—Leadership role in distribution of dictionaries to all Davis third graders

—And far more than can be listed here.


Awards presented at the Chamber Dinner January 27, 2001, Veterans Memorial