Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Susan and Reed Youmans - 2015 (Covell)

Susan and Reed are longstanding, prominent business owners who, together with their partners own the Hallmark Inn, Lexington Apartments and Drake Apartments. In additional to being foundational members of our business community, their large hearts, hard work and strong sense of community responsibility make them exemplary citizens and ideal candidates for this award. 
Below is a brief outline of their leadership in civic activities, their unselfish service to our community, and their long-time involvement in a wide variety of worthy causes. 

Davis Shakespeare Ensemble 
Reed and Susan Youmans have supported the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble's efforts to produce exemplary theatrical productions and education programs within the Davis community. 

Yolo CASA 
Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates are trained and court-appointed volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused children and at-risk youth in our justice system. Reed and Susan Youmans are long-time, active supporters of this critical service. 

Yolo County Visitors Bureau
The Youmans have been key leaders in ensuring our county's growth as a vibrant tourist destination. 

Community Engagement & Civic Discussion
Over the years, the Youmans have generously hosted a variety of community meetings which have allowed our community to become informed about, and engaged in, critical, non-partisan civic processes. 

Social Services, Crisis Response, Supporting Arts, Culture, and Music & Direct Donations 
On a daily basis, Reed connects directly with many members of our homeless community. He gives tirelessly of his time and energy to support individuals and help them access services. He checks in on folks' needs, progress and well-being and then advocates for systemic improvements and insists that long-tenn solutions be found to adequately serve those in need. 

This past summer,when wild fires led to evacuations near Winters,, the Red Cross was unable to respond in an expeditious manner .. The Youmans welcomed victims into the Hallmark Inn and provided immediate shelter and stability for many families as they began to navigate the challenges of rebuilding. 
Susan Youmans curates the F Street Art Gallery in the Hallmark Inn to showcase and promote the work of local artists during the monthly AriAbout event.Susan and Reed have also partnered with the Tour de Cluck, annually raising money by hosting the silent ari auction, which benefits the Davis Farm to School program.  Most recently, Susan & Reed hosted a music stage at the Hallmark Inn, as part of the annual Davis Music Festival, of which all money raised benefits the Davis Schools Arts Foundation. 
The Hallmark Inn also regularly donates used, but still useable, items to Habitat for Humanity, Empower Yolo, and other local charities. 


Presented by Rochelle Swanson at the Chamber Installation Dinner