Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Sam DeMasi - 1972 (brinley)

DeMasi, who owned Davis’ two movie theaters, was recognized for his generosity in using his theaters to help the town.

DeMasi’s goal, as proprietor of the theaters, has been to make the them a part of the town by

—Allowing the people in the Davis Convalescent Hospital to visit the theater free of charge and supplying refreshments

—Inviting migrant children to visit the theater free of charge

—Offering the theaters to UCD groups that require 35mm facilities

—Allowing local groups to rent the facilities for a small fee for fundraisers, very helpful with advice and alternative suggestions.


Councilman Holdstock presented both awards (on behalf of Mayor Maynard Skinner) before 10,000 people at Community Park July 4, 1973.