Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Richard Barlow – 1948 (Covell)

Barlow, who graduated in Animal Science at Davis in the early ‘20s, returned to Davis in 1940 to live until his retirement in 1966.  He left for a while, but returned to Davis before he died in 1977.  He was known as a community and Aggie booster.

—Active in a home watch program during WWII, helping organize air raid drills and prepare in case of attack

—Chamber President

—President of Davis Rotary Club

—Member of the Yolo County Fair Board

—Active in the Democratic Party

—Adviser to a UCD fraternity

—Member of volunteer fire department

He first worked here with the Union Ice Co., delivering 300 lb. blocks of ice.  (“He used to carve the blocks into ice sculptures and punch bowls for local social events.”) Elaine Perry said he also delivered ice cream.

He branched out into the moving business (Bekins) and also delivered wood and coal around town. During WWII, his moving truck doubled as a troop transport when he would pick up military personnel while on moving deliveries, and he carted truckloads of students to sporting events.

In 1946 he and his wife opened the first plant nursery in Davis.  In 1960 when he became a realtor, he brought a clothing store to town, and in the ‘60s he became involved with the design of the Russell Blvd entrance to UC Davis.  At some point he built Town ‘n College Center on G Street in Davis.  

Bob Warren said, “He was a really great guy.  He was full of energy and would help anybody who wanted help.”  Bob Swisher said, “He was probably one of the most generous individuals in this town.  He didn’t have an enemy.”


Presented by Dean Knowles Ryerson July 4 in City Park