Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

renée liston - 2003 (covell)

Liston has had a major impact on Davis since coming here:

—Cub Scout Pack 111:  Registrar-Treasurer 1994–97.  So involved with programs, support that it took three people to replace her

—University Farm Circle:  president, co-pres, plus revised bylaws, standing rules and committee, and created a much improved newsletter.  She then created a UFC Scholarship Endowment, later developed the Holiday House Tours to help fund it  

—Davis Art Center:  president.  Among many activities, she started the Family Concert Series and Kite Festival Preview Gala

—Davis Youth Softball:  Candy Sales Fundraising Chair.  Under her, the format was restructured, profits septupled to over $7,000 per year

—CommuniCare Silver Celebration Steering Committee

—Bob Dunning Guest Columnist rare to have a new person selected twice

—Community Graphics Service:  Her computer skills have enabled her to design a variety of invitations, flyers, programs, brochures, newsletter, all she does generously for free


Presented at Chamber Dinner Jan 24, 2004, Vets Memorial