Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

mimi cariño sen - 1990 (brinley)

Sen was recognized for her intensive, ongoing work for International House, Davis since 1985. She has chaired 3 Conferences: 1985 Philippines, 1986 China, and 1989 Japan.  In 1989–90 alone, when VP of Programs, she organized the following, usually cooking:

—10 events for Open House week

—7 Ethnic Dinners for 80-90 people each, raised $2,800 

—Flowers to Peace 2-day exhibit,  Holiday Bazaar, $1,500

—6 monthly International Teas, 8 monthly Sunday Brunches

—17 weekly Tues Noon Talks  

—Planned, cooked 7 dinners for 15-42 people, each including a Consul General


Presented at the Chamber Dinner Jan 25, 1991, at the University Club