Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Joann larkey - 1969 (brinley)

Joann Leach Larkey had just completed writing Davisville ’68, The History and Heritage of the City of Davis, the first definitive history of Davis.  Recognizing the book’s importance, John Brinley felt her work should be recognized by the city, and his Selection Committee decided to present her with another kind of award.  It was established in memory of John Brinley’s father. 

Mrs. Larkey, who was born in Woodland and graduated from the Davis school system and UC at Davis and Berkeley, and who married and lived with her husband, returned to Davis in 1962.

She entered on the five-year project of the history of Davis pretty soon after her return.  She was appointed by the Davis Historical and Landmarks Commission in 1963 to undertake the task and had it completed by 1968 in order to commemorate that year as the city’s centennial.

She began with Warren Westgate’s collection of historical photographs, she explains, and wove the story behind them together into the final long volume.   

As for the future, she said she does not plan on much more historical digging than she is doing currently. . . .” She since became an authority on area history, writing several more books.

—Charter secretary and VP of the Yolo County Historical Society

—Member, UCD Prytanean alumnae

—Co-Chair, Davis Centennial Committee

—Member, Sacramento Symphony League

—Organizer of concerts for young children

—Secretary and Director of the UCD Library Association

—Cub Scout and 4-H leader

—Chairwoman, Women’s auxiliary to the Yolo County Medical Society


The award was presented by Mayor Maynard Skinner at the Chamber Dinner Jan 23, 1970, at the El Macero Country Club.