Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Herb Bauer - 1976 (covell)

Herbert Bauer

—Provided 24-hour accessibility to  anyone in distress, with follow-up

—When polio immunization became available, he found that small print permitted acquisition of additional vaccine in lieu of administrative expense.  With a group of other volunteers, he immunized 86% of the local population himself evenings and weekend, giving Davis and Yolo County the highest polio immune status of any community in the US

—Spent a long night with a dangerously violent, armed person whom he finally convinced peacefully to seek treatment, possibly saving a number of lives, including those of the police

—Past president of Yolo County World Federalists, UNA, Yolo County Mental Health Association, Tuberculosis Association, Heart Association

—Board member of the Family Service Association, whose founding grant he had procured

—Unitarian Church of Davis, Cub Scouts, DPNS 

—Volunteers teaching Davis school children, from hand washing and health discussion with nursery school children, to teaching Greek and Problems of Biological Ethics to secondary students

—Available to any organization that asks for a speaker in areas of health, and he considers peace as a major health issue

Music, classical language, the theater, and public sanity and ethics are just a few of his major interests and involvements.


Awards presented by Chamber president Albert Smith Sunday, Oct 10, 1 pm at Central Park