Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Dick & Lois Grau - 1978 (covell)

The Graus together:    

—STEAC volunteers: Lois, president for nine years, they would take weekend calls together, he runs night errands, does pick-up & delivery

—Davis Human Relations Council: members from inception, Dick, on the board

—Citizens Who Care:  both on the board, volunteers at Driftwood Convalescent Hospital

—Unitarian Church:  Social Concerns Committee: Dick was board chairman two years, both taught Religious Education and on Building Committee


—Affirmative Action Committee, UCD

—Potential Scientist Program: located disadvantaged jr/high students, trained them during summer


—Welfare Housing

—Suicide Prevention volunteer

—Grand Jury 20 months 

—County Advisory Committees 

—City: Quality of Life Report

—Schools: involved many parents


Hoyt presented awards at Chamber Dinner Jan 13, 1979, at UCD Faculty Club.