Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

C.A. Covell - 1944

Covell had long been the mayor (since 1931), and had always been very involved in the community.  In his speech to the Chamber the night Covell was selected, Wilson said “the decision was easily reached that Mayor C.A. Covell should receive the award for 1943” and have the further honor of the cup being named the C. A. Covell Trophy for Community Service[Apparently, before the trophy was inscribed “1943,” the Chamber of Commerce decided that the next recipient wouldn’t be selected for well over a year (i.e., July 1945) and inscribed the award as having been for 1944.]

— Helped acquire the block for the High School and was instrumental in organizing it (1927) 

— Member of the High School’s first board

—Involved in the court fight to override the efforts of Miss Harriet Lee, the then Superintendent of Schools for Yolo County, to prevent Davis from forming a High School district

—Worked to secure a new City Hall (1938)

—Helped in several scrap-gathering drives;

—Initiated the fund for the Veterans’ Memorial Building;

—Aided in the formation of the Davis Defense Council;

—Worked on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce

—Involved in the Davis Masonic Lodge and Davis Community Church

—Mayor, City of Davis


Jim Wilson presented the trophy at the Chamber’s annual meeting Monday, Feb 1, 1944, at City Hall.  The announcement was in the Thursday, February 4 Enterprise.