Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

bill bartholomew - 1970 (brinley)

Bartholomew, who came to Davis in 1962 as police chief, “has provided the leadership necessary to make the Davis Police Department one of the most progressive departments in the state of California,” said Asmundson. “He has made the policemen feel that they should be concerned with the underlying causes of violations of the law.”  

Aside from membership in many forward thinking professional organizations, he has instituted programs in the Davis Police Deptartment that have benefited all Davis citizens:

—The Davis Police Reserve Program

—Davis Girl Police Cadet Program, Boy Police Cadet Program

—Davis Police Department 3-R School Program

—Educational Incentive Program for the department 

—The Citizen Rider Program for the department

—Executive council of parent and child counseling

—1968 United Crusade steering committee

—Chair of the ‘64-65 Boy Scout Fund

—1969 Member of Yolo County Action Committee for Control of Juvenile Delinquency 

—Chairman four years of the Salvation Army service unit

—Member of Rotary, on 1970 board

—Founder and Member of Davis Drug Abuse Coordinating Committee

—Member of the Neighborhood Commission for Explorer Scouts

—Institutional representative for Explorer Scout Post #498


Mayor Asmundson presented the award Friday, January 22, 1971, at the Chamber Dinner at the El Macero Country Club.