Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

B. A. Madson – 1952 (Covell)

Madsen, who came to teach at the University Farm in 1914 [when his name was spelled Madsen], was a professor of agronomy and ultimately Chair of the UCD Agronomy Department and Director of Agricultural Field Stations during his tenure.  

“The quiet integrity of this tall white-haired man of dignity was manifested in the duties that came his way and in his manner of carrying them out.”  

“Professor Madson has been described as perhaps one of the last great generalists in the University of California. This modern age of specialists stands in awe of the vast and varied knowledge possessed and beneficially used by this servant of the University and the state.  He had personal knowledge of the multifarious agriculture in every nook and cranny of the state, from Tulelake to El Centro.  

“At the same time, his constant travels throughout the state kept him in touch not just with the crops, climates, pests and problems, but with the leaders of industry, farmers, colleagues, former students—those in the battle to wrest more and more food and fiber from this immense agricultural community.” 

—Davis City Council from 1939-48 and 1957-60, and was Mayor from 1947-48, 1957–60

—President, Davis Chamber 1955 and 1964

—Treasurer, City of Davis in 1951

—Active in the Davis Rotary Club


Presented by L.N. Irwin July 4 at City Park