Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

Anne Hance & evelyn buddenhagen - 1987 (brinley)

Anne Hance and Evelyn Buddenhagen were recognized for their extensive involvement in the Davis Science Center.

In 1981 Anne discovered a location, helped develop it, and has been intimately involved since.  In 1983 when it became a non-profit, she was on the board, then became Executive Director.  The Center now serves children and adults in Yolo, Solano and Sacramento counties.  

In 1982, Evelyn began to help with the first programs, she served on the board then became the full-time volunteer Program Director.  With a very limited budget, Evelyn developed exhibits illustrating complex scientific, mathematical and engineering concepts, the creative genious behind the programs.


Awards presented at the Chamber Dinner Jan 22, 1988, El Macero Country Club