Covell & Brinley Awards

A Davis Tradition Since 1944

gloria partida - 2016 (Brinley)

Ms. Partida has been a stalwart advocate for inclusivity, anti-bullying, race relations, LGBTQ support and gun safety. As the president of the Phoenix Coalition, whose mission is the “prevention of hate motivated incidents,” she has:

  • Facilitated a forum with the Davis Police Department, Human Relations Commission and the community around the death of Sandra Bland

  • Established the Yolo Rainbow Families Group, providing a safe space for families with children who are LGBTQ to meet and talk

  • Put on the UpStander Carnival to address bullying in the schools

  • Hosted a forum, “Understanding our sanctuary city status,” with the Davis Police Department

  • Facilitated a gathering to delve into feelings surrounding the death of Michael Brown

  • Hosted the Davis Pride 2015 event

Presented by: Rochelle Swanson and the Chamber Installation Dinner